Training and Courseware

The Value of Training


Do you want...

  • a better return on your investment in hardware, software and personnel?
  • improved staff productivity?
  • better looking documents?
  • simplified processes?
  • lower frustration levels in the office?
  • quicker turn around times on computer related tasks?

Training gives students not only the knowledge of how to do a task, but also the conceptual understanding that will enable them to apply the feature in other situations.  Well-designed training works with the learning style of each student, and gives them the resources (knowledge and manuals) that they can use (and that really work) back at their desks.  Training that is customized to your business needs and to the daily tasks of your staff focuses on specific software features that are needed for the purposes, rather than teaching features that won't be used.  As a result, the learning curve is traversed faster, the employee's down-time after training is lessened, and they are better able to apply the training to job tasks immediately.

There is a hidden cost to not training, or training insufficiently.  Without training, a PC user has to train him/herself...relying on trial and error to figure out which software features will accomplish the desired result.  When users don't know the terminology, help screens and manuals often don't make sense.  Seeking out a coworkers for help can result in non-productive time for two people, and lost money for your organization.  Worse, if they choose the wrong features or misunderstand the subtle differences between features, you might get incorrect results.


The Ideal Trainer

The ideal trainer combines computer expertise, training expertise, and knowledge of job applications.  Suggestions for what to look for in an ideal trainer.


Customized Software Training

  • Customized for the users' work needs
  • Basics to Advanced Levels
  • Classroom training or One-on-One
  • Training for every level of your staff, even private coaching for judges and executives

Examples of custom training courses we have offered:

  • Mugshot - for law enforcement officers - taking digital photos of arrestees and adding the photo and data about the arrestee to a database that is used for ID in the detention facility, for wanted posters, lineups, etc. and will be available nationally
  • Train the Trainer, topics include learning styles, classroom management, diagnosing obstacles to learning and more.
  • One-on-one training for judges in their chambers on email, citation tracking systems, jury instruction systems.
  • Sheriff's Canine training logs.
  • Business modeling spreadsheet for an entrepreneur.

Courseware development

  • Student Manuals:  We can write training manuals for any software of your choice, or for any business process that includes use of the PC.  Student manuals are designed to be used in class, and also as references once the student is back at his/her desk.
  • Instructor's manuals include the same material as the student manuals plus additional materials such as instructions for leading students through the practice exercises, illustrations of concepts, originals for student handouts, diskette or CD of the files needed for student exercises, etc.
  • Transition Guides:  We can write guides that assist your users in transitioning from one software product to another, or from one version to another.
  • Course design:  We can design a course, carefully building from concept to concept in the order which will be most effective for learners to comprehend, design effective practice exerecises.