Database Projects


When the decision is thoughtfully considered, and the database is well designed, the implementation of a custom designed database can result in great savings in the long run.  The benefits you could realize are:

  • Access to information you need to make better management decisions to run your business successfully and competitively.
  • Ensures the accuracy of the data entered, reducing the time spent fixing problems.
  • Reduces duplication of work.  For example, are two different departments entering the same data into two different systems, each for their own purposes?
  • Quicker access to information that would have taken considerable time to produce manually.
  • Functionality that isn't available in other software programs.
  • Real-time awareness — when an order is placed and entered by customer service, it can be immediately visible to the shipping department, the accounting department, and to management.

What We Do

  • Design, develop and implement custom databases using Microsoft Access.  We combine our technical expertise and understanding of business with your intimate knowledge of the specific procedures and results needed for your business.
  • Troubleshoot existing Access databases, including VBA code.
  • Set up security on existing unsecured Access databases.
  • Use Office Automation to tie together an Access database with other Microsoft Office products or with QuickBooks.
  • Create a database that connects with your website to gather information from website visitors for marketing or customer service or other purposes.

Client Projects

Databases that we have developed for our clients:

Type of Client

Project / Purpose

Consulting Firms

Custom consulting firm billing system, including comparison to 1099s, Schedule C tax preparation reports,

Law firms

Custom law firm billing system including trust accounting, check printing, bank reconciliations, management reporting, collections, including trust accounting, check printing, bank reconciliations, management reporting, collections. Law firm wanted custom features in their timesheets that were not available in any other law firm billing package available such as corporate formation and dissolution task tracking. Also, the firm wanted to send a statement of the client’s trust account with their bill, was previously using two software programs for these purposes, which was time consuming to match up a batch of trust reports from one system with the bills from the other system. The click of a button produced both together.

Custom tickler database to track deadlines for various legal/corporate filings on behalf of clients.

Management of physical files including location (in-office, off-site storage) and status (active, inactive, closed).

Database for real estate lawyer to track cases and perform real estate financial calculations.

Word fax cover sheets to be able to select contacts and fax numbers from their Outlook contacts.


Management of classified ads and subscriptions for the publisher of a regional newsletter.

Seminar Management

Database for statistical analysis of seminar survey responses.  Questions include yes/no responses, multiple selections, and speaker rankings.

Seminar registration database - tracking how they found out about the seminar, whether/when/how they paid, whether they attended, ability to send follow up letters or other information, orders of audio tapes and books, signups for related workshops.

Church Bookstores

Database for church bookstore sales and inventory tracking. The database allowed them to easily calculate the sales tax owed to the state quarterly.


Investor Relations database for managing requests for corporate/SEC information and press releases.

For an executive, a database to track local restaurants, rate them, track when there and with which business associates on what dates.

(delivery and warehousing)

Manage the operations for a regional logistics (delivery and warehousing) company whose clients included TempurPedic. Included inventory management and reporting, receiving appointments, customer service, managing customer orders and delivery routes, invoicing and collections, importation of customer orders from clients' networks, vehicle repair and maintenance tracking and cost analyses, employee timesheets and payroll preparation.