Mt. Carmel Consulting took the time to get to know me and my business before creating my web page in order to most accurately portray my business’s image and personality online. I liked every mock-up that was provided to me. Polly was extremely professional, patient, and is very good at what she does. I love my web site and have gotten many compliments on it!

Jaclyn Kooi


Logical Consulting

Consulting firm that specializes in strategic planning and communications, records and content management and business process management/improvement.


She did what I asked her to do.
She did it when she said she was going to do it.
She charged what she quoted.
And the design was both beautiful and professional – just what I wanted.
What else do you need to know?

Rocky Smolin


Beach Access Software

Manufacturing software for small manufacturers; custom database and applications exclusively in Microsoft Access.


As a web site designer, I focus on developing and implementing professional looking web sites for my clients.  In those cases, where my clients require specialized services for their web sites that I have neither the time nor expertise to provide, I call on Polly.  I find her wonderful to work with, and her expertise and understanding of computer and Internet issues are amazing.  We have worked together as a team to develop outstanding web sites for clients.

Stan Lieberman

Web Design


We are a small law firm but have many international and national clients requiring a broad range of diversified transactional legal services (including tax, estate planning, business, commercial, real estate planning and documentation).

We needed a fairly sophisticated billing and trust accounting program that was not available on the software market.  We contacted Polly Arndt to find out if she could write such a program.  Polly was able to write the billing and trust accounting program and to include in it all the functions that we wished.  We could not have obtained such a billing and trust accounting package off the shelf or easily adopted one.  We have been using this program since 1998 and are happy with its performance.

We started using her services with our old MS-DOS® program and later with our new Microsoft Windows® programs, and she is very familiar with both.

Polly is very easy to work with; she is very professional, keeps backups of the database programs and data, and quickly understands what we need out of a program.

She has written other Access® programs for our office to take into account our clients.  Because many of them are international or national clients, Polly had to take into account multiple offices, addresses, phones, and emails; and the dynamic changes that occur in the data.  We are very happy with the results of those programs.  Polly is very knowledgeable in Access® computer programming and would be an excellent resource for writing new programs and trouble shooting existing programs in Access®.

We feel very fortunate that we have Polly as a consultant.

Trinka J. Zweig

Office Manager

Law Firm of David S. Zweig

As an attorney on staff of one of Polly's client firms, I have had the opportunity to appreciate Polly’s hard work in developing several systems for our firm, including but not limited to a billing system, contacts management database and tickler database.  Polly was able to create a billing system different from any other billing systems currently available by (a)giving us the ability to combine multiple time entries into a single entry on the bill, and (b)allowing us to track time entries in a sequential manner with multiple clients and multiple projects.  Polly has made our work life much easier.

Erin L. McCreary


Law Firm of David S. Zweig


On behalf of the San Diego County Sheriffs Canine Unit, I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for developing a state of the art computer based "training and activity logs" that were inspired and developed by you. Your assistance in planning and then training with the step-by-step procedures, which were quite simple, have enabled us to now have a professional appearing and accurate account on each deputy and canine. This process now allows us the confidence and accuracy when we present these documents to the courts for review.

Your vision, professionalism, knowledge and expertise is what made this process a reality.  Thanks again for the "outstanding" work!

Burt Quick, Sergeant

Canine Coordinato

San Diego County Sheriff's Department

I am the owner of a computer repair business in San Diego. On numerous occasions we have brought Polly in on projects as a consultant. It is always a relief to know Polly is available, knowing the project will be finished in a timely and professional manner.

I highly recommend Polly for her technical talent and professionalism.

Ron Anderson


Advanced Computer Care

It was wonderful to have Polly create and manage the web site for the churches of Inland North County. It is attractively done and also very user friendly. This has enabled nearly 20 churches (and more as needed) to join together in significant prayer for our community. She was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her to you.

Pastor Joe Rhodes

Senior Pastor

New Hope Church, Rancho Penasquitos
Inland North County Pastors' Prayer Group

North City Prayer

Polly Arndt was a trainer for various computer classes at the San Diego Sheriff’s Department over the span of approximately 8 years. She was an excellent teacher – well prepared, organized, and patient. She related extremely well to her students.  They liked her, learned a great deal from her, and consistently gave her high evaluations.

Ellie Elphick

San Diego Sheriff’s Department

IT manager (retired)

Dear Polly,

We have received such great products and service from you for our Office Systems, I just wanted to drop a note of thanks.

While we have a number of technical people on our staff, we really had no one who was able to or had the time to develop a turnkey training program for our email, word processing, calendar and spreadsheet programs. Your ability to develop custom training materials, deliver the training and revise the materials as our products evolved, has worked ever so well for us. You have been able to help us balance our need for a high quality, custom training program while avoiding the high cost of hiring a permanent trainer.

Our employees enjoy your teaching style and are able to reach a higher level of productivity faster, as a result of the custom training on our specialized software and your ability to present scenario based tips on using the various capabilities of the software.

I would recommend, to your prospective clients, that they leave the training to a professional trainer and enjoy the benefits of custom developed training without the additional overhead of a permanent trainer.

Linda Johnson

Office Systems Manager
Data Services Division

San Diego Sheriff Department

My husband and I have tried for several years to have a web site designed for us. Every person that we met with talked in terms that seemed too difficult to understand, and the choices we had seemed overwhelming. When we met with Polly, she had already familiarized herself with our product and she simply walked us through the steps of designing a web site that will attract people to our products. Polly continued to follow up with us, she always communicated with us, and her honesty and clear presentation made an overwhelming project fun and exciting.

Both my husband and I HIGHLY recommend Polly and will continue to use her expertise as her specialty will only become more important as our business grows.

Kevin and Linda Jahnke


Jahnke Insurance Services

"Polly makes learning computer applications easy and understandable. She trained many of our employees during the early stages of the San Diego Sheriff's Department's office automation rollout. Her patient, methodical approach to training earned her the respect of many."

Lloyd Muenzer


Poway Station

San Diego Sheriff's Department

I truly believe that you were a great enhancement and contributor to whatever success we had in bringing the Sheriff's Department into the age of automation. I truly enjoyed working with you.

Richard Palmer

Director, Data Services Division

San Diego Sheriff's Department;